History of the Lowline Breed ~ The Trangie Research Years

1929 Foundation stock purchased from the Glencarnock Stud, Brandon, Canada.
1933 "Glencarnock Blackcap Eric" Champion Bull at RAS Sydney.
1936 "Revolution of Page 28th" imported from the USA.
1941 English-bred bull, "Everside 2nd of Maisemore," imported.
1941 "Trangie Susan" Junior Champion Heifer at RAS Sydney.
1944 "Trangie Page 52nd" Reserve Champion Bull at RAS Sydney.
1947 "Erison of Harviestoun" purchased from the Dalmeny Stud in Scotland.
1947 The bull, "Eblinettee's General of Ada," and two heifers, "Lady Glencarnock 4th" and "Craven's Revolution Blackcap 7th," were imported from Canada.
1947 Three heifers imported from Andolet Stud, Maryland, USA.
1948 Four heifers imported from the Dalmeny Stud in Scotland.
1954 "Trangie Anthony" RAS Supreme Champion.
1955 "Trangie Erison 46th" RAS Supreme Champion.
1956 Last overseas bull, "Pro Ben of Balfrom," imported from Scotland.
1961 Bulls purchased from NSW studs "Wambanumba," "Glengowan," "Tulagi," and "Wallah." (1961-64)
1963 Australian Meat Research Committee considers the role of performance recording in the breeding program of the herd.
1964 Last outside introduction. Herd remains totally closed until 1993.
1971 Trial conducted to compare selection based on measured weight gain with that achieved using visual appraisal.
1974 New project initiated to evaluate the effect of selection for increased growth rate on total herd profitability.
1993 Complete Dispersal Sale, October 30.


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